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Financial institutions are required to process information at the highest standard of accuracy. While there are internal processes to control information quality,

these are not foolproof.

Axisoft Wealth Management Platform - COMPASS provides an integrated solution that applies various technologies to detect operational data inconsistency and manage data access integrity, hence mitigating the operational risk of financial institutions.


The Information Technology environment of financial institutions is always heterogeneous, in which data may scatter across several systems from internal to external, and cause data inconsistency.


Our Data Reconciliation Engine is a well-proofed data reconciliation solution. It's scalable and parallel computing architecture provides a highly efficient operating model to reconcile data from different sources.


One of the most common and critical operational risks in a Wealth Management Institution is controlling the access of client information such as investment portfolio. The intricacy of organization structure causes not just manageability issues, but also the compliance issues.


Our Centralized Client Data Entitlement Engine provides client data access information to all downstream systems.

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