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Ricoh, a partner of Axisoft, introduced content collaboration solution in Cisco Expo

Ricoh (Hong Kong) Limited, a partner of Axisoft, was invited to participate in Cisco Expo 2008 held in the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre on 10th and 11th June 2008. In the exhibition, Ricoh showed collaboration technology had become the trend in people's life, in which their working, education and entertainment formats had changed accordingly.

The theme of Cisco Expo 2008 was 'Experience the Transformation'. Being a Silver Sponsor in the event, Ricoh was invited to host a 30-mintue talk which focused on content collaboration and how enterprises could make a transformation with an information management system. In the talk, Ricoh introduced SQUARE to enterprises and showed how they could succeed and enhance working proficiency with SQUARE in the competitive world.

SQUARE provides content collaborations for users that are different from traditional ways of managing document and information. Through managing enterprises' letters, paper documents, email and electronic documents, etc, in a single platform, SQUARE provides users with the most convenient experience in communication and collaboration. Employees in enterprises can share information with their colleagues and clients without difficulties.

SQUARE is based on an open architecture which provides a development model named AXION, Application Extension. There are various templates and Application Programming Interfaces which allow enterprises to customize SQUARE to meet their business and IT requirements. For example, users could retrieve business information by using SQUARE BlackBerry Query. With the 'Push Mail' technique in BlackBerry, users can make full use of their time to retrieve company information while they are waiting for meetings, on bus or in café.

Event highlights:


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