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Being the Most Innovative Solution in Asian Private Banker Technology Awards, COMPASS epitomizes years of knowledge in the Private Banking and Wealth Management. It is a collection of feature-rich Wealth Management Business Models engineered in a fully configurable API in Microservices architecture.


It is a regulatory requirement for banks to follow the compliance rules. The API takes on the head-wind compliance challenge in the centralized pre-trade and post-trade, with no single hardcoded compliance rules in consideration of the dynamic and evolving nature of regulatory demands.



Robo-Advisory models in Wealth Management are getting sophisticated with new technology like Machine Learning. The model operates by automatically and intelligently giving advice on client portfolio setup and rebalancing based on various information and requirements, such as risk based or goal based strategy.


Lombard Credit has become an indispensable offering of a modern Wealth Management operation where credit facilities are collateralized with investments and assets held in custody by banks. The model derives the exposure of credit such that any market induced credit risk can be properly managed. 



This is our answer to the regulatory demands requiring banks to exercise client due diligence and KYC, both on the initial and continuous basis. On-boarding is an intelligent workflow and rule based application in verifying and monitoring the background of clients, and identifies non-compliance areas through configurable risk criteria.


The workflow and rule based model guides the account opening processes as specified by the institution for various type of accounts to ensure compliance with documentation requirements defined by the institution. The module enables a flawless account opening process secured with auditable artifacts.



The model rides on versatile dashboards and reports. With astutely combining the financial data dictionary, analytic models, flexible rule engine and regulatory reporting template, the module delivers the most important insights to regulators, clients and executives in Wealth Management.


The model provides a holistic view of client investment portfolios that retrieve current positions and order statuses from various system. With the support of various asset classes, pricing and risk models, the module provides the valuation, performance, risk factors, rebalancing and simulation of client portfolios.


The module kicks in to support Straight-Through-Processing (STP). It captures orders of different products and performs comprehensive validation before routing the orders to appropriate exchanges or destination execution platforms via common protocols. It then continuously signals up-to-date order statuses.