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AxiScan - Free Email System Health Check Offer with FHKI

AxiScanTM is a simple monthly subscribed managed service providing assured email security for business and residential users. AxiScanTM is the complete solution anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-porn, and content management protecting data and enhancing the efficiency of email as a communication medium. An AxiScanTM user does not have to buy, install or maintain software on any servers, desktops or laptop PCs in your organization. AxiScanTM is a simple subscription service, and once activated on a corporate domain, all email "in and outbound" passes through the AxiScanTM filter engine before it reaches it's destination.

Solution Benefits:

1. No hardware or software installation is needed

2. 100% virus free email guarantee

3. Year round 7 X 24 protection

4. Global virus signatures and spam rules updates every 10 minutes

We offer a free health check analysis to those organizations who are interested in checking the health percentage of their email inboxes in their existing email server.



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