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Axisoft Introduced MATRIX at HK CITA Technology Day Seminar

Axisoft joined HK Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) in holding the Technology Day seminar for local garment manufacturers. This year’s theme was ‘From conception to imaging to precise production’. The seminar covered topics about how to make use of the latest technology to increase productivity, quality and profit.

In the seminar, Mr Chung Him Chan, Axisoft consultant, introduced MATRIX as the latest communication tool. With MATRIX, clothing manufacturers can

  • Capture the client requirements completely and precisely, so that there will be no mistake in production

  • Make your clothing samples available to your clients in 60 seconds

  • Discuss your clothing samples with your clients in the same way as face-to-face discussion

Apart from the clothing manufacturing, MATRIX can also help other industries enhance their internal and external communication. For more information, check out the product website here.



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