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MATRIX 3.0 system is upgraded to make web meeting experience better

Axisoft announced today the major product upgrade of MATRIX. Instead of starting meetings through emails, the new release provides a login interface on the MATRIX Homepage Hosts and audience can open the webpage and enter the meetings directly. Meanwhile, there are more new functions and features on the website.

  • Free Trial – You can try the service for free and experience full live meeting features at

  • File Management – Hosts can now pre-load and store their personal files on MATRIX. Personal files can be retrieved quickly any time in the meetings.

  • Meeting Room Number - Every meeting is assigned with a unique meeting room number. Audience can join the target meeting easily with the room number provided by the host.

  • Slide Templates - A collection of slide templates are provided for both hosts and audience. For example, you can choose to add a calendar page and mark the appointment on the screen.

  • Account Management - Update your personal information and manage the login password easily.

For more information about MATRIX, click here or visit



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