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HK PolyU ISM and Axisoft formed a Joint Venture to commercialize the research results from the Acade

The Institute of System Management (ISM) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU) and Axisoft announced the establishment of a joint venture (JV), Axisoft ISM Ltd.

ISM is an affiliate research institution of HK PolyU. The institute is well known for its extensive research in system management and applications that transfer frontier technology to industries.

ISM also provides educational programs and forums for worldwide academics. Working closely with ISM, Axisoft can quickly apply the ISM research technology to the commercial system programming and software quality assurance. In the meanwhile, ISM can bring its consultancy service to the market via Axisoft marketing channels.

Both Axisoft and ISM believe that research in application technology not only benefits academic activities in schools, it also helps knowledge transfer and technology advances in HK IT industries. Axisoft hopes the joint venture will develop a win-win situation for both and benefit the Hong Kong IT industry in the future.


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