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Lenovo (HK) selected Axisoft to provide PC technical support

Lenovo Hong Kong and Axisoft announced the opening of the Lenovo Technical Support Center at Axisoft Zhuhai office. The technical support center constitutes an integral part of Lenovo customer service and would provide telephone support to customers in Hong Kong and Macau regions. The center is operated and managed by Axisoft.

Being a leading brand of personal computer, Lenovo prides themselves with excellent product support and customer service. Therefore, Lenovo Hong Kong evaluated the outsourcing proposals against a high standard of service. Among various call center solution suppliers, Axisoft was selected by Lenovo for our technical superiority and dedication to quality. Working closely with Lenovo, Axisoft would provide support to different Lenovo product lines including ThinkCentre Consumer Desktops (Home PC), ThinkCentre Commercial Desktops (CDT) and Lenovo 3000 Desktops.

Lenovo believes the company would benefit from Axisoft’s solid experience in IT and business process outsourcing. Lenovo also believes by outsourcing the business to Axisoft, the company could reduce the cost of customer support and improve customer satisfaction and brand image.

Technical Support Center Snapshot



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