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Axisoft achieved success at ICT Expo 2008

The International ICT Expo 2008 was brought to a successful close. The event attracted 585 software and ICT solution vendors from more than 20 countries and regions. Axisoft together with Ricoh Hong Kong Limited, joined the event as a co-organizer, achieved great success by attracting hundreds of visitors to the exhibition booth every day.

Let's Show - Web Meeting Service and SQUARE - Content Collaboration System showed how ICT technology enabled businesses to improve collaboration and gain competitiveness. In addition to participating in our interactive demos, visitors could get a free trial of Let's Show and AxiScan - Anti-spam & Anti-virus Service. More than 200 subscriptions were received at the end of the event.

Being one of the event sponsors, our CEO Mr George Ong was invited to be a speaker at the Exhibitor's Forum on 17 April. The speech focused on effective collaboration and communication. During the talk, Mr Ong explained how SMEs could catch on the opportunities of SaaS (Software as a Service) technology to gain competitive edges.

The ICT event has helped promote Axisoft and our collaboration systems to a wide range of audience including domestic and international buyers. In addition, participation in the event also helps us bring better services and solutions to our clients and partners.

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