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MeToShow helps schools achieve distance education through Internet collaboration

To promote ICT (Information Communications Technology) use in schools, Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) introduces MeToShow in its school broadband service to offer an Internet collaboration platform for distance teaching and learning. MeToShow is an on-demand Internet meeting and collaboration service. With MeToShow, pupils can experience interactive learning on the Web, or connect with peer students from local schools or abroad.

Applications and benefits of MeToShow in school education.

Collaboration in inter-school projects – Without leaving their desk, pupils from different schools can work and collaborate on projects, such as the report of a topical investigation. As a new way of collaboration, MeToShow helps boosting students’ interest in learning.

Delivery of distance learning – Teachers can use MeToShow to create and deliver self-paced courses which can be attended on campus or at home. Teachers can also provide homework support effectively in the MeToShow meeting room.

Connection with international students – Pupils can connect and communicate with overseas students on MeToShow without travelling or flying over the borders. They can gain insight about different country’s culture and customs as well as improve their English language skills.

MeToShow key features

Information sharing – MeToShow allows attendees to share a variety of files instantly in the meeting, including PowerPoint presentation, Excel worksheets, PDF files, etc.

Meeting record – MeToShow lets users record meeting materials as well as collaboration works. All meeting records will be converted into PDF files and can be distributed to attendees.

Personal file library – MeToShow personal file library lets users manage and store files and documents with up to 400MB in total. Files can be preloaded and reused in ad-hoc or scheduled meetings.

Ease of use – MeToShow requires no software installation or hardware upgrade. It mimics the live meeting behaviours so there is no learning requirement to any user.

Skype Integration – MeToShow supports Skype voice conferencing in the meeting. Using MeToShow together with Skype Internet phone can help users greatly reduce the cost of IDD.

Live monitoring – MeToShow allows users to invite up to 10 people in a meeting. Users can also track attendees’ connection status during the meeting.

Information security – Data and communication in MeToShow are encrypted to the industrial standards. Each meeting room is randomly assigned with a unique 32-bit number to prevent unauthorised access.


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