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Let's Show is renamed as MeToShow

Axisoft proudly presents the upgraded version of Let's Show and it has been renamed as MeToShow. Based on the original infrastructure, the new platform is upgraded with more powerful and convenient features, which provides the smoothest Internet meeting experience to users. What's more, MeToShow is now a free service. Just sign up on our new website – and you can enjoy the easiest Internet meeting service ever.

MeToShow features a number of functions, some of them are:

Free sign-up - MeToShow is a free Web meeting service. It requires no installation and you can start meetings anywhere, anytime on any PC. Improved performance - MeToShow automatically records users' login information when they first sign in for faster access. More language options – Users may choose among English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese according to their preference.

To enable smooth transition in the upgrading process, existing Let's Show users can still access the service using their registered emails and passwords. There will be no change to their personal documents and records, only a better web meeting service.

For more information, check out our MeToShow website at


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