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Launch of YouToTalk Blog

YouToTalk today introduced a newly designed blog site.where users can access the complete archive of YouToTalk seminars as well as any upcoming events. YouToTalk blog offers several new features and enhancements, including online event registration, seminar categories, RSS feed subscription, etc. Since the launch, users who visit will be redirected to the blog site automatically.

As more people adopt blogging as a form of communication, YouToTalk starts the blog in an effort to keep on seminar updates and, more importantly, communicate improvements of services. Available on most popular web browsers, YouToTalk blog makes it faster and easier for users to publish their thoughts and access both online and offline seminars. New features include:

  • Online event registration: Users can now fill in their email addresses and register for any upcoming YouToTalk seminars that are of their interest.

  • Seminar categories: Seminars are categorized in YouToTalk blog so that users can search for an e-seminar by date, by speaker or by seminar type.

  • Comments: YouToTalk blog lets users respond to a seminar entry, share their thoughts and opinions with others.

  • Linking seminars: YouToTalk blog lets users add seminar links on their websites that they have made or that they are interested in.

  • RSS feed subscription: YouToTalk blog enables users to subscribe to the blog update via RSS news readers such as Google Reader.

About YouToTalk Provided by Axisoft and enabled by MeToShow, YouToTalk is an interactive webcasting platform that simplifies knowledge sharing and archival, web conferencing, and other online activities such as training, marketing and project collaboration. YouToTalk helps bring your points of view to the web and amplify your voices to the widest audience.


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