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Ricoh introduced a document management solution, with SQUARE and MFP integrated, at Microsoft Soluti

Microsoft Solution seminar, which explored enterprise CRM and ERP systems, was successfully held on 19 Nov, 2008. The event showcased solutions that could help businesses utilize existing resources, strengthen customer relationship with enhanced efficiency in internal collaboration. Being a guest speaker in the event, Ricoh Hong Kong, Axisoft's business partner, demonstrated a CRM solution which is integrated with SQUARE and multifunctional devices (MFP).

For all organizations, smooth internal collaboration is essential to a successful customer-relationship management (CRM). However, most businesses face the challenge of integrating front-end customer data and back-end document management system. Lacking of workflow engines, dear product price and high customization cost have prevented businesses from deploying an enterprise CRM/ERP.

Ricoh’s Embedded System Architecture (ESA) is an open platform that connects to a Ricoh device. It links the front-end workflows with businesses' back-end systems. The ESA solution not only helps businesses simplify the setup process of CRM, but also reduces the cost of customization and integration.

In the ESA solution, SQUARE ScanStation becomes the core engine to bridge Ricoh multifunctional devices and back-end CRM/ERP. SQUARE ScanStation enables scanned documents to be indexed and exported to a CRM or SharePoint document management system automatically. Moreover, ScanStation provides a rich set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) for easy customization. Organizations could use these APIs to quickly create new workflows which will better fit the business needs and enhance working efficiency.

You can check out ScanStation webpage for more product update and information.

Here are the event snapshots and highlights



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