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Axisoft CEO George Ong expressed confidence in the IT outsourcing market of China

Axisoft CEO George Ong was invited as a guest speaker in a seminar on IT outsourcing that was organized by Zhuhai Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau and Zhuhai Software Association. During the event, Mr. Ong explored how enterprises could catch on the business opportunities of IT outsourcing and improve their international competitiveness. He also pointed out that the IT outsourcing industry in China had strong growth momentum.

With the China IT outsourcing market becomes mature in recent years, international enterprises start to shift their outsourcing business from India to China. Speaking on the global trend of IT outsourcing, Mr. Ong believed that China had cost incentives despite the reduction in IT outsourcing engagements. Year 2008 had been tough for IT outsourcing, he mentioned. In the 3rd quarter of 2008, only 80 mega-deals of IT outsourcing projects remained available. However, low cost in China would still attract US and European companies.

Meanwhile, the drive of IT and software outsourcing has also changed. In addition to cost cutting, outsourcing companies are actually looking for solutions that help them increase core competitiveness and improve business flexibility. Axisoft Global Services (AGS) is a solution that provides agile software outsourcing, IT programming, software development and software maintenance. It allows enterprises to outsource non-core businesses and helps them focus on the core competitiveness. AGS can reduce a client's operating cost with a flexible charging system to provide the best cost effective outsourcing solution.

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