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MeToShow offers multiple editions to help enterprises enhance communication and work efficiency

After a major service upgrade, MeToShow expanded the service portfolio to include 3 editions to suit different business needs. These editions are MeToShow Free Edition, MeToShow Personal Edition and MeToShow Corporate Edition. The 3 editions will provide enterprises with greater agility in adopting MeToShow and help them face the challenges today – reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

During current economic downturn, enterprises are encouraged to adopt innovative technologies in order to reduce costs and at the same time, boost work efficiency. There are a number of IT solutions that can help and MeToShow is one of them. By allowing people to meet and interact in a virtual meeting room on the Internet, MeToShow helps companies minimize business outings and cut travel expenses. What's more, MeToShow is an on-demand software service which can be adopted instantly and requires no IT involvement. Businesses can make better use of existing resources, and integrate MeToShow with phone, email and instant messaging (IM) tools to improve staff productivity and work efficiency.

There are unique strengths in the 3 different editions of MeToShow service.

  • Free Edition - Start free, use it free, forever. All registration starts with this fully functional account where users can host meetings and enjoy all commonly used functions for free.

  • Personal Edition - Personalize your meeting room with a fixed room name so clients can access your meetings with an easily memorable room name. What’s more, the personal edition expands your meeting room and your personal storage, allowing more people in the meeting and more documents in your personal folder.

  • Corporate Edition - Allow all features of the personal edition with a boost of speed, convenience and identity. Corporate edition users will have the option to install MeToShow at their company and enjoy hosting MeToShow meetings with a user-defined URL. With installation, maintenance and updates taken care of by our technical experts remotely, your IT investment could be minimized.

In addition to the above editions, MeToShow offers partnership opportunities as well as flexible reseller schemes. These schemes, including partnership incentives and sales support, will help business partners and resellers open up more business opportunities.

You can visit and get the latest update of MeToShow web meeting service. For further enquiry of our partnership offers, you can call +852 8199 8686 (HK) / +86 756 388 9797 (China) or email to



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