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MeToShow provides interactive learning platform to schools during H1N1 outbreak

Potential outbreak of HIN1 has threatened schools to shut down on short notice. School suspension may last for several months and students’ learning progress will be affected. Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) introduces MeToShow, an interactive and distance learning platform, in its broadband service. When schools close, teachers and students can continue with classes through MeToShow at home.

Applications and benefits of MeToShow

  • Teacher can share documents and explain in real-time.

  • Teacher can use drawing tools for better illustration.

  • Students can submit questions to teacher instantly.

  • The whole teaching process can be recorded for future review.

  • Since MeToShow requires no software or component installation, students can join online class by following two easy steps: 1) open web page; 2) input classroom number.

Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) demonstrated MeToShow to teachers from about twenty schools in an event. They showed great interest in it and agreed that, with MeToShow, students could experience unique interactive class at home. Moreover, teachers could keep up with the teaching schedule and ensure teaching quality during the outbreak.



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