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MeToShow is Finalist of Stockholm Challenge Award 2010

MeToShow was announced as one of the finalists in the Economic Development category of Stockholm Challenge 2010 yesterday. This is another international recognition MeToShow received since it won the Bronze Award in HK ICT Awards 2009.

The Stockholm Challenge Award 2010 is a world renowned event which rewards the social entrepreneurs in the field of ICT. More than 290 projects from 90 countries joined the challenge this year. Both winners and finalists of each category were honoured for their innovative design and business values in 2010.

Among all projects this year, MeToShow is a unique web presentation service. It brings sales practice to a new era by making Internal-to-External (I2E) web presentation comes true. With MeToShow, sales executives can show presentations, product catalogs, documents, images, graphs, etc, on clients’ computer screens while they are having telephone conversations. It eliminates the hassle of software installation and user training.

Since its launch, MeToShow has been adopted in areas including sales, customer service, project management, etc. It does not only help users streamline sales activities, but also enables more convenient way of communication over the web.

You can find out details of the Stockholm Challenge 2010, or visit to learn more about the web presentation service.



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