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MeToShow brought Client Service to a new era with new website

MeToShow launched a new website today. Enhancements and new features were introduced to help users improve their Client Service with Cloud technology.

The new website included a major enhancement to the Auto Sign-in feature. Manual sign-in has been replaced with Ticket No., where a unique ID will be displayed on the client's screen. Clients only need to open and tell the host the Ticket No. via the phone. The entire process is fast, secure and hassle-free.

Another excitement about MeToShow is its integration with iPad/iPhone. People can show information on clients' iPad or iPhone, or vice versa, to use iPad or iPhone to show information on the clients' screen. Since MeToShow is well tested to work in various fixed and wireless network, this feature makes MeToShow a perfect choice for mobile.

For more information of MeToShow Real-Time Interactive Client Service, you can visit



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