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Axisoft was invited to District Cyber Centres Alliance (DCCA) Appreciation Ceremony 2011

“The District Cyber Centres Alliance Appreciation Ceremony 2011” was held on 20 March 2011 at the Arcade, Cyberport. Representatives of the industry, non-profit organizations, companies as well as citizens attended the ceremony.

The event was organized by District Cyber Centres Alliance (DCCA) and more than 2,000 awards were presented this year. Awardees included contest winners and organizations who had made remarkable contribution to the DCCA Schemes of promoting digital inclusion in the community. Mr George Ong, CEO of Axisoft, was invited as an honoured guest when Axisoft received recognition for a pioneering e-Learning project under DCCA Schemes.

The e-Learning project demonstrated the latest online learning and collaboration technologies by YouToTalk(An e-learning platform developed by Axisoft). It provided DCCA training centres with a web platform where trainers could easily publish training course videos as online lectures. Trainees could then download these online lectures and watched the video anytime in the comfort of their homes. Unlike other video-sharing sites, the web platform had strong protection of user data and video copyright. These methods included HTTPS encryption in communication, machine code recognition and watermark.



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