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YouToTalk brings online video teaching and learning to the next level

Could you imagine how you can attend video course online at anytime, anywhere? YouToTalk is such an e-Learning platform that enables teachers and students to conduce interactive learning via the Internet.

At YouToTalk, students can subscribe to the best-fit courses. They can watch them online rather rush up for classes at tutorial centers. YouToTalk also allows teachers to provide online courses in various ways, including recorded videos, live lectures broadcast and streaming.

On 13 May, YouToTalk was invited by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) as a guest speaker of “Mobile Video and Video-Related Solutions Seminar”. Mr. Ryan Wong, Course Development and Marketing Manager of, introduced the innovative features of YouToTalk during the presentation.

Mr. Wong pointed out that one of YouToTalk unique designs is its perfect integration of interactive elements in online teaching. Students could participate in online Q&A while they watched the lecture video. They could also join in discussion and submitted coursework.

In addition, YouToTalk implemented all-round protection of video course copyright and data. This feature, Mr. Wong remarked, would make YouToTalk an ideal platform for textbook publishers who would like to make and publish paper books as online videobooks.

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