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MeToShow real-time interactive client service platform was exhibited at CISIS 2011

China International Software and Information Service Fair (CISIS) 2011 was successfully held at Dalian World Expo Center during June 16-19, 2011. With the theme of 'Green IT, Smart Application', this four-day fair assembled more than 1,000 software products, solutions, technologies and IT services. Over 800 exhibitors at home and abroad joined the event with thousands of guests arriving every day.

During the exhibition, Axisoft introduced a unique real-time interactive client service platform - MeToShow. This award winning platform is a breakthrough with a realisation of real-time, ad-hoc, mass and interactive Internal-to-External communication, while other market players can only support communication for handful of users.

MeToShow allows you to show different product information, images and statistics on clients' screen instantly while you are talking over the phone. The quicker the clients get the data, the better your communication will be. Thus, you can differentiate your services from your competitors.

MeToShow has received rounds of applause from the industry. The platform won Best Innovation & Research award in the HK ICT Awards 2009. In addition to provide real-time interactive client service, MeToShow could be applied into various business activities, such as sales presentation, telemarketing, telesales, etc.


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