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SQUARE demonstrates comprehensive support of HKSAR Government ERKS requirements

Axisoft and Kodak jointly organized a seminar, “10 Essential Dimensions for the Success of ERKS”, on Tuesday, 25 October, 2011. The seminar attracted IT managers and senior officers from government bureaux and departments. In the seminar, consultants from Axisoft and Kodak offered attendees new insights into successful implementation of Electronic Record Keeping System (ERKS).

SQUARE Content Management solution was the main focus of attention in the seminar. Under HKSAR Digital 21 Strategy, HK bureaux and departments will gradually adopt an ERKS in the record management process. With a strong support of ERKS requirements from HKSAR Government, SQUARE offers an ideal choice for rapid implementation of ERKS while reducing effort, time and risks.

In addition, the design of SQUARE ERKS allows the system to be implemented as a cloud service, through which users across different bureaux and departments could manage electronic and non-electronic records in the smoothest way. Meanwhile, this design also helps the reduce system maintenance resource and enhance operation efficiency.

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