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Axisoft and Kodak organized email document archive solution seminar

Axisoft, Kodak together with ACW Distribution organized a seminar, "How to Resolve the Print & File Effort for Electronic Email and Hard Copy Filing Solution?", for HK Government at ACW Solution Center on Friday, 13 January, 2012. This seminar attracted IT officials from different HK government bureaus and departments who were interested in Email and Document Archiving.

During this seminar, Chung Him Chan, Axisoft's business development manager shared our experience in email archive and scanning solution. He introduced SQUARE, Axisoft's award-winning Content Collaboration System which was the main focus of attention in the event.

The existing situation of email filing and document archiving in bureaus and departments is that email records are printed out for management and storage. However, such practice not only increased paper consumption and storage space, but also decreased work efficiency.

Here Axisoft introduced SQUARE as a perfect solution to help HK government tackle this problem. The solution can be integrated with government's IT systems to handle email and document archiving. It can manage terabyte data and support hundreds of concurrent users efficiently and effectively. With successful deployment in various HK government departments, SQUARE perfectly supports Confidential Mail System (CMS) and preservation of the format of emails.


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