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Hubbis published an interview with Axisoft's Benson Shiu

Hubbis has published an interview with Mr. Benson Shiu, general manager of consulting services at Axisoft. In the interview, which is titled "Enticing wealth managers with smart software", Benson discussed the tailor-made solutions Axisoft provided to local and global banks.

"We offer solutions throughout the entire wealth management cycle", Benson explained. "From client management and order management, through to credit management, portfolio management and compliance."

Benson then added: "We also offer online banking 2.0, which we think is a new concept. For example, the traditional private banking industry doesn’t offer e-banking in as comprehensive a way as the retail sector."

"As a result, we want to create an interactive e-banking experience for clients, so that they can do this with their relationship management as part of a face-to-face meeting."

The full version of the interview can be read online at the Hubbis website. You can also download a PDF copy by clicking the link here.

About Hubbis: Hubbis is a leading provider of content and online training for Asia's Wealth Management & Private Banking Industry. For more information, please visit Hubbis website.


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