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MRM 3.3 Cloud Fax introduces eFax management capability

Axisoft announced today that the MRM 3.3 Cloud Fax, which scheduled to launch in November, would provide businesses with comprehensive management capability of eFax resources. The solution would deliver new features of eFax account setup, usage quota and reports.

MRM Cloud Fax is designed to meet the cost-control goals of small-medium enterprises in the daily fax management. With MRM Cloud Fax, users could scan and fax documents directly on the MFP without connecting a fax line. In addition, the flexibility of MRM Cloud Fax enables users to configure eFax for different business needs. For example, users could set up eFax numbers for different departments and switch them quickly via the MRM administration tool.

For more information of MRM 3.3, you can contact us via Email or phone.



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