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MRM 3.3 offers new solution for eFax comprehensive management

Axisoft is pleased to announce that 3.3 version of MFD Resources Manager (MRM), the professional print management solution, is released today. MRM 3.3 version comes with a special solution for eFax management, Cloud Fax. MRM Cloud Fax not only offers the Internet fax service, but also the usage quota control and analysis reports.

Notable new and improved features:

  • Smart login interface

  • Multi language support on login & printing interface

  • Cloud Fax (HK district only)

​​The new version of MRM enhances user experience with the smart login interface and multi-language support. User could easily choose their user ID by pressing the shortcut key. And you could display the interface in multiple languages.

Cooperated with HGC, one of the largest fibre-to-the-building telecommunications networks in Hong Kong, MRM Cloud Fax provides businesses with comprehensive management capability of eFax resources.

In the past few years, MRM have already had excellent feedback from customers. In order to help more organization to audit and control printing cost, we are making tremendous efforts in exploring the overseas market such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

For more information of MRM 3.3, you can contact us via Email or phone.



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