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Axisoft was invited to Avaloq Partner Day & Community Conference 2015

Axisoft was invited as a partner to Avaloq Partner Day & Community Conference 2015. More than 100 participants from 70 implementation, special service and software partners attended the Avaloq Partner Day to hear the latest news and strategies on Avaloq products, services and markets. This event has become a central communication and discussion platform for the dialogue between Avaloq and our partners.

The theme of this year's Avaloq Community Conference is "Mastering the Digital Transformation". Experts from across the Community will share the latest news on digitalization, industrialization, front technologies and much more. The goal is to equip IT specialists from both Avaloq customers and partners with the necessary tools to meet growing customer requirements in the highly competitive market of the future.

In 2015, Axisoft became the only and the first member of the Avaloq Implementation Partnerin Asia Pacific, supporting Avaloq in its continuous growth in the region. Since 2010, Axisoft has been providing Avaloq implementation maintenance service to top-tier private banks in Asia. After many years of experience with the Avaloq Banking Suite, Axisoft has established a professional team with solid experience and knowledge in Avaloq implementation. In these events, Mr. George Ong, CEO of Axisoft shared with attendees how we are capable to help Asia Avaloq clients streamline business operations and generate more profit.

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