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Mr. George Ong was invited as a speaker in HKPC FinTech seminar

Hong Kong is an international financial center, mastering and deploying Financial Technology (FinTech) is particularly important for the development of Hong Kong. In order to deepen the understanding of FinTech for the financial industry, Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) organized a seminar with the theme of "The Current and Future of Financial Technology". Many professionals from Financial and Information Technology industries, and SME owners participated in the seminar. The seminar includes three topics: How to leverage FinTech for SMEs, Trends of Fintech, and FinTech Opportunities from Compliance and Regulations.

Mr. George Ong, CEO of Axisoft was invited as one of the speakers, shared the topic - FinTech Opportunities from Compliance and Regulations with the participants in the seminar. When financial institutions have the challenges of compliance and regulations, what technologies and solutions of FinTech can be offered to help financial institutions solve the operation problems. Axisoft has many years of experience in FinTech, we have been providing Private Bank and Wealth Management solutions to top-tier private banks in Asia since 1998, which can meet the needs of financial and banking industry. The seminar helped the participants learn the knowledge of FinTech and enhance their competence.

For the details of the seminar, please click here.


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