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FinTech Unicorn – Hana Bank

Updated: Mar 21

Hana Bank's Digital Triumph In South Korea


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From the point a securities order is placed in a digital channel, there are several operations applied to the order and these operations depend on the asset you are trading...

This paper will walk through the operations after the securities are placed in the digital channels.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the financial industry, Hana Bank in South Korea has emerged as a beacon of innovation, strategically steering its success through transformative digital banking initiatives. This article provides an overview into three key winning formulas of Hana Bank's digital strategy, spotlighting the revolutionary 'My Branch' service, the forward-thinking 'I buja' digital financial education app, and the game-changing Hana Trade EZ platform.

'My Branch': Bridging Virtual and Physical Banking

At the heart of Hana Bank's digital transformation is the groundbreaking 'My Branch' service. This innovative offering reimagines the traditional banking experience by seamlessly integrating virtual and physical interactions. Launched to bridge the gap between online convenience and personalized service, 'My Branch' connects customers with tellers and managers at physical branches through a mobile phone. The service is not merely transactional; it's an immersive experience that tailors financial products to individual needs while presenting a user interface uniquely crafted for each customer. This strategic move not only addresses the challenges of digital banking but also positions Hana Bank as a pioneer in redefining customer engagement through cutting-edge technology.


'I buja': Fostering Financial Literacy for the Next Generation

Hana Bank's commitment to the future extends to the younger generation with the introduction of the 'I buja' digital financial education app. Designed for Generation Alpha and their parents, this app transcends conventional banking services by fostering financial literacy from an early age. By creating a platform for sharing experiences related to spending, savings, and investing, 'I buja' not only empowers the youth but also provides parents with a tool to instill financial responsibility. The app's unique feature allows children to make payments, offering a controlled environment where parents oversee and guide financial transactions. Hana Bank's integration of financial expertise with technological innovation exemplifies its dedication to shaping a financially savvy future generation.


Hana Trade EZ: Revolutionizing Trade Finance

Hana Bank's foray into trade finance innovation is exemplified by the Hana Trade EZ platform. Launched in July 2021, this non-face-to-face corporate foreign exchange service has not only streamlined trade-based transactions but has also contributed significantly to the growth of trade finance. With 1,208 bank partnerships across 105 countries and a vast business network in Korea, Hana Bank has positioned itself as an international trade finance leader. The platform's success is attributed to its commitment to digital transformation projects in response to a rapidly changing market, earning Hana Bank the title of "Best Trade Finance Provider in Korea 2023" from Global Finance Magazine.


Hana Bank's digital triumph is a testament to its dedication to innovation across various facets of banking. From reimagining the traditional branch experience with 'My Branch' to fostering financial literacy through 'I buja' and revolutionizing trade finance with Hana Trade EZ, the bank has embraced digital transformation wholeheartedly. As the institution continues to innovate and introduce new technologies, its success story serves as an inspiration for the broader banking industry, urging a shift towards customer-centric, tech-driven solutions.

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