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Use of AngularJS, ReactJS & VueJS in Digital Banking

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Today's Digital Banking have to support multi-channels. In addition to the cross-browser support on PC and Mac, mobiles, tablets and even wearables are all required. Responsive UI solutions, such as AngularJS, ReactJS and VueJS, play a pivotal role in the support of multi-channels.

The latest UI technology – Responsive UI has become the mainstream in front-end development. Responsive UI is a UI framework and components that could adjust itself to fit various screen sizes on different devices. Such adjustment does not limit to resizing the UI but also smartly rearranging the UI for different screens to give users a consistent look and feel.

In addition, Responsive UI supports single development for multi-channel deployment without major changes, which could save time, effort and cost in UI development and ongoing maintenance.

Currently AngularJS, ReactJS and VueJS are the most popular Responsive UI frameworks based on JavaScript. Besides the core Responsive UI features, these technologies come with many 3rd party components so that there are more options in the design and development.

AngularJS is from Google and is a comprehensive and feature-rich framework. Because of its complexity, engineers may find it more difficult to master, and its comprehensive features also make its performance not as good as the other two.

ReactJS is a component centric framework from Facebook. Although its features are not as complete as AngularJS, they are more than enough for most projects. Among the three frameworks, ReactJS has the biggest ecosystem and user community.

VueJS is created by an ex-developer from the AngularJS team from Google. It is also a component centric framework that has the most lightweight and flexible components. It is easy to pick up and integrate with existing projects. You can also start from a small project and scale it up to enterprise-level.

All these UI frameworks come with a data validation model, which could be integrated with AlchemyJ, a No-Code API development tool. In that case, developers only need to maintain one data validation model for both the backend and frontend. For details, please refer to Thank you for reading the article. For the details of the article, please contact us.

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