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Axisoft established industrial partnership with Laboratory for Software Development and Management (

Laboratory for Software Development and Management (LSDM) of HK PolyU confirmed the establishment of industrial partnership with Axisoft. As part in the partnership, Axisoft will act as the LSDM market arm to commercialize the research outcome and provide consultancy services in software engineering and testing. LSDM and Axisoft believe such a partnership will develop a win-win situation for both and benefit the Hong Kong IT industry in the future.

Axisoft is committed to providing innovative software solutions through partnership with academic institutions. Compared to enterprises, institutions possess staff and resources for extensive research in new computing technologies. Following the successful joint venture Axisoft formed with ISM of HK PolyU last September, Axisoft forms industrial partnership with LSDM, which is a software and computing technology research centre at HK PolyU. LSDM has in-depth knowledge of software engineering models and is experienced in providing consultancy services to solve business IT problems. Through LSDM partnership, Axisoft can gain support from IT associations in Hong Kong and mainland China, which in turn helps us provide better software development, testing and support services to our clients.

About LSDM

The Laboratory for Software Development and Management (LSDM) aims to assist the software industry by providing software engineering know-how, and bridging the gap between academia research and industry hands-on experience. They also provide new technologies to enable faster development of higher quality software.


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