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Revolutionary "Call & Show" service in Axisoft Call Center

Axisoft Call Center has adopted a revolutionary "Call & Show" service in making inbound and outbound calls. This service allows call agents to show documents and images to clients while they are talking on phone. Better interaction and communication is achieved with this service.

Axisoft Call Center is the first that adopts "Call & Show" service in Hong Kong. With this service, agents can facilitate a phone conversation by showing relevant information, including text and images, on clients’ screens. Documents do not have to be transferred or downloaded to be seen. What's more, call participants can collaborate instantly on documents as if they were talking face-to-face.

"Call & Show" service intensively improves sales and marketing performance in outbound calls. It helps agents turn a sales pitch into a more effective voice-visual demo. Also, it can be used in inbound customer support. Service quality and efficiency are greatly improved as call agents can identify callers’ problems on the spot and provide solutions accordingly.

You may also contact us on +852 8199 8686.


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