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MFP Systems were introduced at Ricoh seminar in Macau

Ricoh Hong Kong Limited (Ricoh) and Macau Pass S.A hosted a product launch on 'Macau Pass' Copying and Printing Solution today.

The product integrates Macau Pass e-payment system with Ricoh MFP to simplify the transaction process for self-charging print jobs. The new system will be installed in shops, libraries, schools and business centres so that users can enjoy convenient self-service copying and printing services with Macau Pass card.

The product launch was marked with an exclusive seminar in Macau. During the seminar, Chung Him Chan, Axisoft's Senior Product Consultant, was invited to introduce MFP Systems - solutions that improve document management in MFP.

MFP Systems are solutions that tightly integrate with MFP. They make use of the functions of MFP to facilitate office operations - with the value-added MFP, users’ collaboration efficiency is enhanced. For example, MFP Conference Station (MCS) scans document hardcopies and shows the corresponding images on meeting participants' screens instantly for collaboration. The entire process is simple, fast and automatic.

For more information of MFP Systems, you can check out this web page:



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