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Three strides of Axisoft in 2011: Innovation, Collaboration and Award

With 2011 passing by, it is time to sum up the outstanding achievements of Axisoft in this year, which can be best summarized as innovation, collaboration and award.

Innovation - In October, Axisoft formally launched the new version of MFD Resource Manager(MRM), an embedded solution for multifunction printers. Compared with the old version, the new MRM provides users with enhanced functions and various improvements in system performance, native management interfaces and report options. By installing MRM , photocopy, print, scan and fax resources can be managed readily on the MFD without the expenses of purchasing printing servers.

Collaboration - SQUARE is Axisoft's flagship content cooperation system. It perfectly supports the requirements of Electronic Recordkeeping (ERKS) under the HKSAR Digital 21 strategy. SQUARE contains various features to streamline the record management process. For example, it can sort the file content automatically and swiftly through the record classification and definition function of SQUARE, thus greatly reducing the time of manual screening and archiving. Besides, SQUARE can also be used in the archives management among different departments, including the management of various e-documents as well as paper files.

Award - In March, AXISOFT was awarded with DCCA strategic partner for YouToTalk, which confirmed the contribution made by Axisoft in 2011 because of taking an active part in the DCCA Schemes. Users do not need to install any software when using YouToTalk e-learning service. All they need to do is to connect PC to the Internet. Then users can watch the courses online and download them for constantly review.


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