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Build a Money Laundering Risk Assessment API from Excel (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Diagram: Money Laundering Risk Assessment API
In this article, we are going to show you how to build a Money Laundering Risk Assessment API from Excel. The API can show users the questions, take the answers from them and calculate Money Laundering Risk Score (MLRS).

Money Laundering Risk Assessment Model In Excel

Before we build the API, we need to build the risk assessment model in Excel which is shown in the diagram. The model contains a question list (to be shown to users), answer list (to contain user’s answers). Based on the answer, the model will calculate the MLRS.

Above is the Excel we built according to the model in the diagram. The question list contains 10 questions. The list is extensible so it can contain any number of questions. Each question has its own weight.

Based on the answer, the model calculates the Risk Value in Percentage, then looks up the risk level from the Risk Rating table for the MLRS.

Turn the Excel Model into API

To turn the Excel model into an API, you need to define the following API features of the Excel model.

  1. Define the name of the API

  2. Define the cells for API input

  3. Define the cells for API output

As long as you do not change the above definitions, the model is customizable, you can customize it by adding new calculation logic, questions or even data points from the database.

Thank you for reading the article. In part 2, we shall show you the tool that converts the Excel model into API and test the API. For the details of the API, please contact us.


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