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Axisoft sponsored e+Talk 08 LegCo Election campaign with today announced the launch of e+talk – a new campaign dedicated to Hong Kong Legislative Council Election 2008 in the coming September.

The Hong Kong Legislative Council Election takes place every 4 years and the next election will happen this September. While comprehensive promotions of the Election are already been in place, additional channels, especially those targeting the youth – the future of the society, would be beneficial to the society at large. Hence, e+Talk is launched to enable both candidates and mass public to express their political views on a neutral e-platform at Axisoft is a technology sponsor of this event.

The e+Talk campaign consists of 3 components:

1. Candidate profiles The campaign will invite all candidates of the election to provide a brief presentation of themselves and their political views. Like a web-based seminar, the candidate can speak as the presentation slide progresses. After collecting all candidates' profile, these aggregate of information will be posted to a neutral online portal for the public to view, 24/7.

2. Live presentation session In addition to the candidates profiles, the campaign will invite candidates to participate live presentation sessions. Different from traditional debates where audience must process information by only listening to the speakers' speech within a very short period of time, the live presentation session allows speakers to support their points through viewable presentations. These will make the presenters' point more understandable, and thus a better understanding for voters.

3. e+Talk portal site The e+Talk portal site will become the central point of communication. Not only will the site contains presentations of the political views of the candidates for the public to view at leisure, audience can join live presentation sessions with the candidates at designated times for real-time discussion and enquiries with the candidates. Moreover, the portal site will be an information hub for the most updated election news. Being a politically neutral portal, audience with different political views will have an opportunity to evaluate different candidates on an equal ground.

About YouToTalk YouToTalk is a next generation webcasting platform with multiple innovative realtime collaboration features, including but not limited to document sharing, commenting and editing; as well as real-time chatting, polling and statistics. YouToTalk also supports offline archive, meaning that presentations can be reviewed from time to time and distributed to everyone regardless of time constraints.



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