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MFP Systems bring new excitements to office MFP

Axisoft announced the launch of MFP Systems, a set of embedded solutions for office Multi-Functional Printers (MFP). MFP Systems include MFP Conference Station (MCS), MFP Scan to SharePoint (MSS) and MFP Text Recognizer (MTR).

MFP Conference Station (MCS) is an on-demand service for online document collaboration. MCS allows users to scan hardcopy documents with a MFP and shows the corresponding images on meeting participants' screens instantly for collaboration. The entire process requires no additional manual operation and is ready-to-use with Internet connection and an IE Browser. MCS can be used as a standalone service for interactive and real-time document sharing and collaboration. It also works with various video conference, tele-conference and web conference systems to maximize efficiency.

MFP Scan to SharePoint (MSS) is a SharePoint connector for MFP. MSS allows users to file and index hardcopy documents from MFP to SharePoint DMS in only three steps. It eliminates tedious manual operations and makes document filing and indexing on MFP simpler and faster.

MFP Text Recognizer (MTR) is an embedded solution for multilingual OCR on MFP. MTR does not only transform the hardcopy text into electronic characters but also preserves the layout and format of original documents. It works perfectly with Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as well as English.

Following the launch, MFP Systems were introduced at a Ricoh seminar in Singapore on 20 Mar 2009. In the event, Ricoh regional representatives from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand shared their success stories and explored business opportunities brought to Ricoh MFP.

For more information of MFP Systems solutions, you can visit


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